Full Version: What kind of class is better in WOW Classic?
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Now, players all over the world are excited about the release of WOW Classic, including many returning old players, as well as beginners who know nothing about WOW. For these players, when they enter the server smoothly, they need to make a big decision - what class should they choose?
In WOW Classic, the roles of different professions in the team vary widely. If you like to be a striker in battle, you should choose a warrior class. If you like to help your teammates, you can become a therapist.
Of course, there are also differences in the efficiency of upgrades between different occupations. The auxiliary class is difficult to kill monsters, and the upgrade speed is slower than other occupations. Don't worry, MMOWTS offers WOW Classic Power Leveling at the cheapest speed and at the fastest price. Not only that, but if you need to Buy WOW Classic Gold, you can also buy it at
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