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When you arrive at a neutral position, do not have unreasonable expectations:
I have not seen a successful trader or speculator entering a deal and 100% expecting a profit from that particular deal. You should not expect to be converted into a large range when you enter a position. Sometimes, in the fastest time possible, the position benefits, which seems to me more about luck than skill. Suppose I open a position and at the same time the Federal Reserve will issue a recipe for my deal, which will make the deal go as fast as possible. In my 20 years of trading, such cases may have happened to me 5 times.
. Have confidence and control yourself:شركات الفوركس الموثوقة
It's very pleasant to turn your computer one day and know that if you act in accordance with the rules, be disciplined and loyal to your system, you will likely be successful that day.
During the years I've been trading, I've had a lot of losses. Do you think why I did not lose my confidence? Because I know that I can profit from the market every day.تعلم الفوركس  
Daily goals (Act 18 and Rule 19) allow you to have confidence and control yourself. Recall Rule 9: If you have daily goals and can be achieved then you can move to your long-term goals. By using the law, I think you can make good days.
- Close the winning positions in a timely manner.
Keep the loss ratio stable and get rid of the ratio of profitable positions quickly. If you miss more than 1 lot and your position is in loser mode, get out immediately. If you miss more than 1 lot and your position is in winning mode, close it in half and leave half of it in your desired target. If you are using a mechanical stop, close your position in the desired target and move the stop to the entry point for the rest of the second half (the second half) (Brice Eun). After that, sit and stay calm.

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