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moving averages
The relationship between moving averages of the three periods can help to define the process faster and better, and provide the key to predict the trend in the short run. For example, if the average moving average of the four moving average periods of nine courses is longer and higher, but the moving average of nine courses is still below the moving average of eighteen periods, it is possible that in the near future there may be a change in the process of the face But if we wait to see that the moving average of nine courses will go up by an average of eighteen courses, we can have a more accurate prediction.توصيات ذهب
Traders who use shorter time frames for the transaction can better use the trading method with a moving average of three because they use trading signals earlier. But keep in mind that the longer the moving average period is, the more likely it is to have the wrong signals.
Here, I would like to remind you of a very important point when using moving averages in the financial markets: moving averages in fluctuating markets or markets where there are not so many transactions. The use of moving averages in highly fluctuating and turbulent markets is very high. But it's very useful to use them in markets that are moving according to the process.افضل شركات الوساطة المالية
When you look at the bar chart everyday, you can create different moving averages (with the help of trading software, for example) and immediately see if these meanings in different periods give rise to the correct indication of the purchase or sale in the chart. Have they done?

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