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Enjoy this garbage sort of the battleground
That combined with multiple language obstacles leads to the questing competition. My research is iffy at best, however, the first WoW Classic servers capped at approximately 4,000 players. A number of the highly populated servers got bumped up to about on WoW Classic Items. So fuck these elite raiding guilds! They'll take! Unless they have committed friends when this item begins and all of them get around the exact same time to 60.

So what ever you take it's going to be the very best in everything. I was mage and had lot of fun but you will be frost till AQ, making water and food 20mins and there's a lot cloth wearers . It will be nerf I guess although pvp was great particularly. War is but tankig us easy, slow and you'll be picked, Hunter is afk dps the only problem I had was tamagochi ammunition and pet which you needed to keep up. I remember as a mage I had to have like ressist and hunters had to possess like potions also wiping is the most economical for hunters. Druids and locks are fantastic for both ressist and as however you don't have to have that lots of those. Read about the course this'guide' won't help you whatsoever.So enjoy this garbage sort of the battleground.

This is a massive dealbreaker and I am not going to play classic then. And since I recall from Vanilla's end, noone liked to perform WoW Classic. It was a lifeless battleground out its PvP weekends. It was done when you had a need to get your WoW Classic Badges as a currency. So to everybody who believed we got to experience the most epic battleground which has been in WoW Classic. You been given the finger because Blizzard is too lazy to attempt to provide us it. I rater wait a few months longer to get a correct Classic game, than to have it rushed out and be medicore.

Of course Blizzard has the patch information, they don't wish to deal with individuals arguing with them. Remember this is the identical firm that stated that they had lost the vanilla info and it could never be retrieved. When pressedvoila! Yeah, so I am imagining when they were pressured into it, they'd magically"locate" the patch data as well.I know I'm in the minority, but I didn't enjoy the fact that WoW Classic had PvP at the first place which meant battlegrounds were entirely useless to me anyhow. So, WoW Classic 1.12 or 1.5? Meh. So happy that there'll be non-PvP realms when Classic launches as it looked like every private server was PvP which was super frustrating.

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